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Welcome To Hovden Oil

Hovden Oil Expert Services
ISOCLEAN Lubricants Program

Our ISOCLEAN® Lubricants Program guarantees ISO Code certified oil to help fight particle contamination, which may accelerate equipment wear and decrease productivity.

  • Meet OEM cleanliness requirements

  • Increase component and equipment life

  • Optimize oil life and reduce disposal costs

  • Improve reliability and decrease downtime

  • Reduce the need for onsite pre-filtering

  • Reduce maintenance time and costs

  • Eliminate the risk of over-filtering lubricants

  • Improve safety

Fuel Services

Hovden Oil Is more than a fuel supplier. We offer:

  • Equipment installation and services

  • On site delivery

  • Wet hosing equipment

  • Gold status safety rating

  • Over 300 years combined hazmat certified driving experience

Lubricants Products

Our entire team delivers. We offer:

  • Technically advanced lubricant products

  • Professional equipment installation and services

  • Best practices consultation and site assessment

  • Responsive customer service

  • CLS (Certified Lubricants Specialist) and OMA (Oil Monitoring Analyst) on staff

Lubricant Brands
Hovden Oil Services
ISOCLEAN Chevron Lubricant Specialist
Product Application Services
Equipment Installation and Services

Particle contamination is a major cause of equipment failures.  The ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants Program delivers certified clean oil to help you fight particle contamination that can ruin your equipment and decrease productivity.  A breakdown of ISOCLEAN’s Services are:

  • Fluid Purification and Dehydration 

  • Fluid Handling Consultation 

  • Varnish Removal and Mitigation 

  • High-Velocity Flushing 

  • Reservoir and Tank Cleaning 

  • Condition Monitoring and System Audits 

Hovden Oil goes beyond to provide the correct lubricant products for your equipment. We conduct on site surveys for product recommendation, consolidation, and Best In Class assessments to ensure your staff knows how to handle the products and follow best practices to extend the life of your equipment. Breakdown of services are:

  • Fleet evaluation

  • Plant & Equipment Survey

  • Preventative Maintenance Survey

  • Product Application Training

  • On-site Fueling

  • Oil Analysis

Our installation and service experts provide the best solutions for dispensing fuel and lubricants.  We have a full line of equipment and provide field support, application and technical assistance.