ISOCLEAN CHEVRON LUBRICANTS SPECIALIST: Hovden Oil can now deliver lubricants engineered to meet or exceed OEM recommended ISO Cleanliness Codes, allowing for optimum performance of equipment. With STLE Certified Lubrication Specialists and STLE Certified Oil Monitoring Analysts on staff, Hovden Oil can provide a best-in-class assessment of your equipment and maintenance practices to demonstrate the potential savings.

PRODUCT APPLICATION TRAINING: Hovden Oil goes beyond to provide the correct lubricant products for your equipment. We conduct on site surveys for product recommendation, consolidation, and Best In Class assessments to ensure your staff knows how to handle the products and follow best practices to extend the life of your equipment.

OIL ANALYSIS: Oil analysis is used to determine how specific products, most often in the trucking and industrial manufacturing industries, are performing after a period of use and how maintenance schedules should be adjusted once results are evaluated.