Lubricant and Hydraulic Oil Analysis Services in Minneapolis, MN

At Hovden Oil Company, we deliver high quality petroleum services and products to our customers in Minneapolis, MN and beyond. In addition to operating as a 1st Source Chevron Marketer, we are also a distributor for Fuchs Lubricants, Top Tier, Conoco Philips distributor, and supplier of TerraCair DEF.

Fuel and Lubricant Distributors

We take pride in offering a diverse and extensive line of petroleum products to fulfill the requirements of businesses in the commercial, agriculture, and industrial sectors. We possess considerable storage capacity with a warehouse, bulk plant, and tank wagons to supply products to a wide range of industrial customers. As a leader among Chevron distributors, we are able to fulfill your fuel and oil requirements.

Fuel Deliveries

The services we offer cover a wide range of customer needs regarding premium diesel products, fuel deliveries, and lubricants supplied by bulk oil distributors and lubricant contractors.


We serve the fuel needs of various entities within the Minneapolis, MN area and beyond, including those in the agriculture, construction, retail industries.


You can count on us to deliver high-quality pet brands including Chevron, Conoco Phillips, American Oil, Fuchs, and Lubriplate.

Additional products we provide our customers include metalworking, equipment, corrosion preventatives, anti-freeze, cleaners, and other miscellaneous items.

Our customers can take advantage of dozens of products we offer for a wide range of industrial applications.

For comprehensive list of services and products see our services.

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